Get taken away by dark sounds and energetic drums


About me


Hey, my name is Yori Olijslagers and I’m a music producer from the Netherlands. My music is a combination of vibey Synths and aggressive HipHop inspired Drums, and I like to take you on an electronic trip through spaces you never knew existed!

Ever since I was 8 years old, my whole live has been about making and playing music. First as a professional drummer and later as a producer. Inspired by artist like J Dilla, Kanye West, D’Angelo, Mr. Carmack, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and many others, I’ve been producing music for other artists and myself, slowly developing my own voice and sound in music.

Nothing gives me more joy then moving people with music, whether it’s making them feel exited, moved, inspired or just energized to go in to their day!

Let me know how you feel, share me your story’s! I’ll gladly share you mine!

Much love,

Yori Olijslagers